Monday, 09 April 2018

The best of both worlds: A day in the life at Chatswood Rose

While it’s great to have access to popular shops and bustling restaurants, we don’t always want to live right in the heart of them. This is where a new development – Chatswood Rose – comes into its own.

Located in the Sydney suburb of Roseville, Chatswood Rose connects the urban with the suburban, offering the tranquility of Roseville while being only 10 minutes walk from vibrant and cosmopolitan Chatswood.


Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Chatswood Rose, the new Sydney apartments designed to foster serene vibes

In an age where hectic is the new norm, the feeling of walking into a calm and peaceful space is hard to beat. Creating a home with a sense of sanctuary is a must for designers.

Architects, and interior and landscape designers, teamed up to realise this goal at Chatswood Rose, a new complex of 117 apartments set to take shape in Roseville.


Monday, 26 February 2018

Chatswood: The cultural hub of Sydney's north shore

People have many and varied requirements when it comes to choosing a suburb to live in, but some are common to all. Most want a well-connected transport system, great cafes and shops, and to be close to good schools and parks. Chatswood ticks the box on all these, with the added bonus of a cultural element.

Chatswood resident Michele Connolly says she actually chose to live in the suburb in order to lock herself into having to exercise.



Saturday & Sunday 10am -12pm.

1015 Pacific Highway, Roseville
Corner of William Street & Pacific Highway
Enter from William Street vis Archer Street

Download directions to Display Suite 1800 771 016

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